Hesed – Lovingkindness and Care

We all need help at one time or another, but never more than when we are ill, or have lost a loved one.
  • TBI’S VISIT THE SICK AND HOMEBOUND COMMITTEE (BIKUR HOLIM) will call and visit the sick as well as include them in our minyan prayers (Refuah Shelemah).
  • TBI’S BEREAVEMENT COMMITTEE (NIHUM AVEILIM)supports shiva services and minyanim following funeral services.
  • TBI’S CHEVRAH KADISHA (HOLY SOCIETY/JEWISH BURIAL SOCIETY) honors the dead in accordance with Jewish tradition, in preparing the deceased for burial.
  • TBI’S CONCRETE SERVICES COMMITTEE (TACHLIS) provides concrete services to congregants and their families in times of crisis.

Please notify the office (610-275-8797) of any member needing our support. To request services of Hesed, or to volunteer for any of our committees, please contact the TBI office.

Many thanks for your contributions to TBI’s Hesed Committee.Your generosity enables us to continue our programs.