Hebrew High

Here at TBI Hebrew High, our goal is to create literate and thoughtful Jews in an environment in which all our members feel welcomed and valued.  We encourage active participation and inquiry so that our learners can find personal meaning.  This program provides courses that encourage each individual to embark on a journey of Jewish learning, of experiencing and observing, of belonging and responsibility, and of personal and communal commitment.  Additionally, we will be creating a community in which our learners feel comfortable exploring new ways to express their Judaism.


We strive to…


  • Enhance the Jewish identity of our students as they learn about Jewish values through text study and social action projects.
  • Build community by bringing our learners together in social, educational, and spiritual environments.
  • Connect our students to Jews in Israel and to promote the concept of “Klal Yisrael”.
  • Inspire future learners by bringing our students into the classrooms of our religious school in grades K – 7 as aids, role models and student teachers.



Core Curriculum
Recognizing the value
Beyond our amazing staff, a primary value within our school is the core curriculum and the class-based community building that it provides.  We strive to help our teens understand and evaluate current events through a Jewish lens while building life-long bonds with their peers and teaching staff.
This core curriculum is found in our "Kulanu" evenings, 
once a month on Tuesdays from 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM including dinner.  Our entire Hebrew High will meet by grade with their lead teacher to learn and discuss Jewish teachings and how they relate to current events. These evenings will allow our very busy students to target these Tuesdays as of primary importance to their Hebrew High experience.
The Hebrew High School, culminating in the Confirmation Ceremony, allows us to recognize our students’ dedication and diligence in continuing their life long pursuit of Jewish learning.  The confirmation ceremony gives the community the chance to mark the moment when the students are ready to rise up from where they have been, and to further their commitment to lifelong Jewish learning.  This moment is especially poignant in that it leads us to their opportunity to reenter our Religious School classrooms as student teachers as they learn how to inspire future generations – just as they themselves have been inspired.